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Strategic goal 1: Strengthen policies, institutions and strategies that help enhance the resilience of rural livelihoods in semi-arid zones of Africa

Programme 1: Capacity building support for policy development and resilience programming

  1. Policy dialogue on key issues affecting resilience of rural livelihoods in semi-arid zones of Africa
  2. Policy analysis and training focusing on building resilience
  3. Support programme design, review and monitoring and evaluation in semi-arid zones as part of CAADP-based National Agricultural and Food Security Investment Plans (NAFSIPs)

Programme 2: Strengthening producer (agricultural livelihood-based) organisations in semi-arid zones

  1. Support institutional development of producer (agricultural livelihood-based) organisations and their engagement with CAADP
  2. Support the promotion of strategic agricultural value chain in Semi=Arid zone of Africa.

Strategic Goal 2: To Enhance African capacities in research, technology dissemination and knowledge management for building the resilience of rural livelihoods in semi-arid zones of Africa.

Programme 3: Facilitation of agricultural research and transfer of technologies and innovations in the context of semi-arid zones

  1. Facilitate technology generation that would strengthen resilience in semi arid zones through capacity strengthening of research institutions priorities.
  2. Facilitate dissemination of technologies that would enhanced resilience and contribute to climate change mitigation and adaptation.

Programme 4 : Knowledge management, networking and communication

  1. Documentation and sharing of success stories and lessons Inform global deliberations on desertification and sustainable agricultural farming system through TPN6
  2. Coordination of the thematic programme network for the promotion of sustainable agricultural farming systems to combat desertification(TPN6) of the UNCCD. More details
  3. Support ‘resilience oriented ’ thematic networks and the CAADP Knowledge, Information and Skills (KIS) support system.


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