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Mango Programme

Improving Farm Productivity and Rural Incomes through Biological Control of Insects (on Mango)


The purpose of this new initiative is to reduce rural poverty and strengthen food security through implementing a biological control of mango insects. The project is started in Burkina Faso with financial support from the African Development Bank, but its effectiveness will depend on the extent to which similar efforts are exerted at a regional level. The role of SAFGRAD within this initiative is

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Capacity Building

Enhancing Africa's Capacity for Sustainable Agricultural Research for Development in Semi-Arid Areas

The purpose of this capacity enhancement initiative is to develop and reinforce the capabilities of African institutions and their human resources in priority areas as will be defined through a thorough situation analysis and consultative processes. It is intended to accomplish the enhancement of the capacity of institutional and human factors to solve the immediate and pressing developmental problems but also and most importantly aspire for higher level goals. Hence its goal

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Striga Programme

Enhancing Food Security through Control of Parasitic Weeds in Africa 's Crop Production

The purpose of this initiative is to enhance food security, improve farm income and boost crop production through reduction of yield losses caused by Striga hermonthica; therefore increasing the profitability of crop production and improve the livelihood of farming households. The initiative aims to achieve its purpose through:

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Promotion of Sustainable Agricultural Farming Systems in the Context of Combating Desertification in Africa (TPN6/RAP/UNCCD)

This is an initiative within the framework of the African Regional Action Programme of the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD). AU/SAFGRAD has been designated as the institutional focal point for coordinating TPN6 activities. The programme has the following expected outcomes:

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Agricultural Sucess Stories

Promotion and Scaling up and Scaling out of Best Crop, Water and Nutrient Management Strategies in Africa

studiesThis initiative is a collaborative undertaking in the framework of Challenge Programme on Water and Food (CPW&F): Enhancing Rainwater and Nutrient use Efficiency for improved crop productivity, farm incomes and rural livelihood in the Volta Basin . AU/SAFGRAD collaborates with international (e.g., ICRISAT, CIAT) and national agricultural research institutions in Burkina Faso (INERA) and Ghana (SARI).

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